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Advanced Pet Dental Care and Oral Surgery

Your pet may be referred to us by your family veterinarian for advanced dental care that requires specialized diagnostic and treatment. We provide a wide range of advanced pet dental care for cats and dogs, including advanced periodontal care, oral surgery, oral cancer, jaw and teeth fractures, malocclusion and oral inflammation. We also offer restorative services, such as root canal treatment and crown therapy.

Meet Our Veterinary Dentist, Dr. Donald DeForge

Our primary emphasis is making sure your pet gets the best advanced oral care with as much comfort and safety as possible. Our dental team utilizes advanced dental technologies and the latest techniques to accurately diagnose, repair, and restore your pet's oral health. Advanced veterinary dental services include:

Gold Coast Center for Veterinary Care has a suite of pre-and post-treatment diagnostic modalities for the accurate evaluation of your pet's health condition. These include dental digital x-rays, ultrasound, and high-definition CT scanning. The safety and comfort of your canine or feline companion is a top priority during examination and treatment.

General anesthesia is required for the advanced dental care and surgery your pet may need. We recommend CBC and chemistry blood tests be performed prior to your pet’s dental procedure to ensure your dog or cat is a good candidate for anesthesia. Your pet will be closely monitored for circulation, oxygenation, ventilation, carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure and temperature by a skilled licensed veterinary technician before, during, and after anesthesia.

If you have any questions about our specialized pet dental care, please give us a call.

If your pet is experiencing a dental emergency, please call us or bring your pet directly to our emergency hospital, West Hills Animal Hospital & 24 hr Emergency Center.

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